Cesc Fabregas is going to become the captain of Barcelona

This is a great opportunity for him to show his best game. The player has already shown that he is able to play in the team and show his maximum. Now he has a chance to become a leader of the team, who will be able to win the Champions League.
Cesc is a player who is able not only to score goals, but also to make the team’s defense work. He is a good passer of the ball, who can make the necessary adjustments for the team.
The Barcelona team has a great potential to win gold medals. Now it is necessary for the players to show their maximum. The team needs to improve its game, because it is not able to compete with the best teams of the world.

The Champions League is one of the most popular tournaments in the world, and the teams from all over the world are competing for the title. The winner of the tournament gets a ticket to the next round of the Champions Cup.
In the current season, the main contenders for the victory in the Champions league are:
* Real Madrid;
* Manchester City;

* Juventus.
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Real Madrid
The Spanish club Real Madrid has a good chance of winning the Champions trophy. The main problem of the Spanish club is the lack of motivation. The players are not able yet to demonstrate their maximum, and this is one reason for the failure of the Royal club in the current tournament.
However, the team has good players, who are able to help the team to win. Among the main favorites of the current championship are:

* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Karim Benzema;

* Luka Modric;
 * Sergio Ramos.
These players are able not to let the team down, and they are able, together with the main leaders, to make Real Madrid a contender for the gold medals in the next season.
Manchester City
The Citizens are one of those teams that are able win the title of the strongest club in Europe. However, the club has a number of problems that prevent it from winning the trophy.
First of all, the Citizens have a poor squad. The club has only two or three good players. This situation is not good for the club.
At the same time, the players are unable to show the maximum. This problem is much worse in the English Premier League, where the Citizens are not even able to finish in the first place.
This is why the Citizens can’t win the trophy, but they can definitely win the next one.
The Bianco Neri is one the main clubs of the Old World. The Turin club is able win gold trophies, because they have a good team and a good coach.
Now, the coach of the Juventus team is the Italian Cristiano. The coach of Juventus is able show the best game of the Italian player, who is one among the best players of the game.
One of the main problems of the Turin team is a lack of discipline. The Juventus players are always in a hurry, and sometimes they do not have enough time to practice. This leads to the fact that the team is not in the best shape.
Another problem of Turin is the bad transfer policy. The Bianco have a great squad, but the players have not been able to get the necessary money. This has led to the failure in the championship.
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