Gazza’s disease cannot be cured by Lord Sugar

Gazze’s disease is a rare, but serious, condition that affects the muscles of the legs. The disease is caused by the lack of the protein called myoglobin in the muscle. This protein is responsible for the contraction of the muscles. The condition is usually diagnosed during a physical examination.
However, this is not always the case. The most common symptoms of the disease include:
1. Weakness in the legs, especially in the calves.
2. Loss of strength in the lower part of the body.
3. Pain in the muscles that are affected.
4. Soreness in these muscles.
5. Swelling of the affected muscles. This is called edema.
6. The appearance of a red color in the affected muscle.
7. The loss of the shape of the muscle fibers.
8. The weakening of the tone of the leg muscles. In some cases, the muscles become weak even when they are not contracting.
9. The inability to walk.
10. The difficulty in getting up from a sitting position.
11. The weakness of the arms.
12. The feeling of being tired.
13. The lack of energy.
14. The shortness of breath.
15. The dizziness.
16. The nausea.
17. The headache.
18. The vomiting.
19. The chest pain.
20. The palpitations.
21. The fear of falling.
22. The pain in the chest.
23. The headaches.
24. The confusion.
25. The memory loss.
26. The nervousness.
27. The trembling of the hands and feet.
28. The vertigo.
29. The numbness of the feet.
The disease is often misdiagnosed. The doctors will often give the patient a drug that will help the muscles to contract. However, this will not help the patient to walk or get up from the chair.
This is why it is very important to see a doctor who is specialized in the treatment of this condition. The doctor can prescribe a special diet that will be able to help the body to get rid of the myoglobin.
You can always find information about the condition on the Internet. The information will be updated in real time, which will help you to keep abreast of the latest news.

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