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Due to a series of daily and repeated failure to pay customers, has been banned by the sbr list. Instead, we recommend avoiding this betting site and avoiding the safe, reliable sites we have listed on our best sportsbook list. If you want to learn why they have a terrible rating, read on.

There are bonuses to be had

On the homepage of the sportsbook website, you will see the following message: “you have a real chance to win money.”. It’s just a site designed to promote the sportsbook ag, which is hosted in antigua. The page on the sportsbook ag website lists the offers on offer. It’s not a bonus or a reload. The players who stand out in the market are rewarded with a great sportsbook bonus that will help them stand out in the market. There’s no such bonus on sportbook’s website, which only offers a 100% win and a share rebate. You should avoid them, as sportsbook and sportsbook ag are likely to cheat you.

It is possible to make payments

There are many payment methods available to you, including credit cards, e-payments and bitcoin. It has a high rating for regular customers, paying quickly and in full, who are now offering a wide range of options for withdrawal. For 24 hours, you can pay to win on certain payment options. That’s not true for sportbook and sportsbook ag. We’ve heard a lot of complaints about the site. Many players have been told they cannot withdraw significant amounts of money, and the reasons given were completely unfounded or invalid. We consider this to be a deeply untrustworthy site, and the price of the refund, delay or refusal has been cancelled. They are regarded as equally unreliable as the sportsbook reviews and the newspaper articles about the sister sites.

The sports betting experience is very different

On this site, you’ll find all the usual betting options. The focus is primarily on us players, especially in the nfl, nba, mlb and horse racing. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that the interface is clunky, there’s no prop bet, the odds are weak, the live betting section is empty and it’s not very much of a sport. The team’s poor user experience should be on alert for the obvious reasons: us sports betting.

Customer service is available

In particular, the gaming sites like this may initially be enjoyed by a strong customer service. However, as soon as sports bettors begin to ask why their money hasn’t come, customer support is generally lower than ever. They complained that they were never given a satisfactory answer when they asked why they couldn’t access the money they had won.

They have a reputation for it

The operator has a rating of d and it is prohibited from the website of the betting site. It’s a reputation for poor customer service, which we highly recommend you find a better betting shop elsewhere.

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