The end of the football season

The end of the football season is in sight. The teams that have been competing for the title for several years have finally reached it. The fight for the champion title is very interesting. In the current season, the main contenders for the victory are:
1. Barcelona;
2. Liverpool;
3. Manchester City;
4. Chelsea.
The team of Guardiola has already won the Champions League, so it is quite possible that the team of Mourinho will be able to win the trophy.
At the same time, the team is not the only one that is interested in winning the title. The main contenders are:
1) Real Madrid;

2) Bayern;
3) Atletico.
In the current campaign, the Spanish team showed a good game, and the results of the club can be called quite successful. The team of Ramos has a good chance of winning the Champions league. The coach of the team has already managed to win it once, so he can repeat the success.
However, the most interesting confrontation of the season is the fight for a place in the Champions club tournament. The club of Guardiola is not going to leave any chance for itself. The players of the squad have already won several trophies. The most important of them is the Spanish Cup. The previous season, they were defeated in the final by Barcelona.

The season is not over yet, so the club will try to win a place at the European stage. The fans can follow the development of events on the website of sports statistics.
3 Manchester United
The previous season of the English Premier League was quite successful for the team. The season ended with the victory of Jose Mourinho’s team in the championship. The rivals of the Red Devils were:
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
* Liverpool.
Despite the fact that the latter two teams were very close to the victory, the latter managed to lose it.
This year, the situation is quite different. The Red Devils are the main favorites of the championship, and they have a good squad. The squad of Mourinho is quite small, so they can count on the help of the main competitors.
All the results can be found on the sports statistics website. The website provides information about the results, as well as detailed statistics of the matches of the Premier League.
4 Arsenal
The Gunners were the main contender for the championship title for many years. However, they lost it in the last season. The loss was caused by the failure of the defense. The attack of the Gunners was quite weak, so their chances of winning were quite low.
After the end of last season, Arsene Wenger’s team has a new coach, who is trying to improve the results. The new coach has a lot of experience, so his team can count confidently on the victory.
One of the most difficult tasks of the new coach is to get into the Champions Cup. However this season, Arsenal has a really good chance. The Gunners are quite close to their rivals, and if the team continues to play well, it can be quite confident of winning a place.
Detailed statistics of Arsenal matches
The website of the sports information provides detailed statistics about the matches that the Gunner’s players have played. The information is updated in real time, so you can see the results on the screen.
It is possible to see the detailed statistics not only of the Arsenal matches, but also of other matches of other teams. For example, you can find the statistics of Manchester United.
Main results of Arsenal’s matches
In recent years, the Gunnarsson’s team managed to become one of the best teams in the Premier league. In this season they have an excellent chance of getting into the top 4.
During the season, there were a lot changes in the team, so now the leaders are not the same as in previous seasons. The leaders of the current Arsenal team are:;
· Unai Emery;
· Ramsey;
Unai Emeridson has a great experience, and he is able to use it to improve his team’ s results.
Ramsey is a young player, who can become a leader of the attack. His main task is to score goals. He has already scored a lot, and now he is ready to do more.
Emery is a good player, and his team has the possibility to count on a good result.
Arsenal’s rivals
The main rivals of Arsenal are: Manchester United; Tottenham; Liverpool; Chelsea. The last season was quite interesting for the Gunns, and it ended with a victory in the title of the league.
As for the Champions cup, the Red devils have a very good chance, because they have good players on their bench. The strongest of them are::
·; Lukaku;
·. Rashford.
These players are able to help the team in any way.
If the Gunni’s team fails to win any of the cups, it will be very difficult to get to the Champions tournament.
You can follow all the results and detailed statistics on the site of sports information. Here you can also find the schedule of matches of Arsenal.

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